Trade Union Studies

This ICTU / SIPTU Trade Union Studies certificate programme was developed in partnership with the National College of Ireland in order to offer trade union activists and staff a recognised qualification in the industrial relations environment in which they operate.  The programme is managed by SIPTU College and is offered at several locations country-wide.

The programme is currently under review and will change in September 2020 – see the table here for a list of current modules alongside proposed changes from September. Current delivery is via six modules, each one delivered at one night class per week for 10 weeks, three modules per year between September and June.  Each module is worth 10 credits and you need 60 credits to be eligible for the Certificate. From September 2020 and subject to review by NCI/QQI, 60 credits will be achieved via 4 x 10 credit modules and 4 x 5 credit modules. This will also allow some element of choice for learners.

For current modules, see here

For proposed modules from September 2020, see here