About us

SIPTU College is Ireland’s only trade union college and we are dedicated to the education and training of the membership, activists and staff of SIPTU.  We offer a broad range of training programmes both at our premises in Kilmainham and in locations all around the country.

Training for shop stewards and activists is offered at Introductory, Basic and Advanced Levels.  Your Sector Organiser can arrange release with your employer to attend these courses usually run over 1, 2 or 3 days.  It is also possible to attend this training at night to accommodate those who cannot (or prefer not to) get release from work.  Many of our courses are accredited to QQI Level 5 for example the Advanced Activists Programme and the Training for Safety Representatives.

Other training is available to those who are not (yet!) shop stewards or activists.  Any member can avail of our return-to-learn programme Jump Start; our political education programme Educate to Organise; our Basic English; our Trade Union Studies Certificate programme, and any of the numeracy/literacy/IT skills courses starting in late August in partnership with the ETB.  See the information on each programme on the Courses tab Courses

We also design and develop training programmes to suit particular industries, workplaces or topics.  We already do this very successfully in our health & safety programmes and in specialised training for migrant workers.  You can enquire about this facility by completing the contact form at “Contact us


SIPTU College is committed to providing the best of training to union members nationwide and we take quality assurance very seriously.  You will find a link to our policies and procedures here and we also have a handbook available to learners on registration.