Return to Learn


This is an introductory module and as such its aim is to prepare the learner to embark on the Certificate programme with confidence. The learner will be introduced to effective study and writing skills and encouraged to assess their own learning needs in this regard. The module will explore the particular needs of those returning to learn after a gap of some years and balancing the needs of such learning with work and life. This will be delivered as a co-requisite module with the first 10 credit core module studied.

On completion of this module you should be able to:

  • Identify your own learning needs
  • Develop effective self-directed learning skills
  • Plan and develop written assignments appropriate to the core modules
  • Cite and reference your work correctly


Brem, C., (1996), Returning to learning? Studying as an adult: tips traps andtriumphs, St. Leonards: Allen and Unwin

Here’s something you might be asked to do in an assignment in this module:

You will be asked to watch/listen to a multimedia piece related to trade union work and you will be required to take note of the main points raised during the piece.

This is a core module in the Trade Union Studies Certificate programme worth 5 credits and will normally be taken alongside the first 10-credit core module. It will be offered once a year in each fixed location either by five 3-hour night classes or 2/3 full-day classes or a combination of each.