Modern Labour Issues


This module will enable students to extend their practical and theoretical knowledge of trade union purpose and action through consideration of one of a range of contemporary issues chosen by the programme team. This will be delivered in various streams but always focussing on some issue external to the workplace level bargaining; trade unions in action in the European Union is an example.

On completion of this module you should be able to:

  • Identify and demonstrate a basic knowledge of challenges arising for trade unions outside of the local/sector/national bargaining arena, for example, EU or other international influences
  • Evaluate the significance and practical application of institutional and / or trade union responses to these challenges
  • Demonstrate the potential impact of these challenges and responses in a collective bargaining setting.


There will be no core text for this module, but you will be expected to use material from core modules as directed, and you will be guided to / provided with other relevant materials. These typically will include specialist reports and government or other appropriate websites, for example


Here’s something you might be asked to do in an assignment in this module:

Identify the European Works Council / EU Social Dialogue Committee relevant to your workplace.

This is an elective or optional module in the Trade Union Studies Certificate programme worth 5 credits. It will be delivered by way of five 3-hour night classes; 3 full day classes or a combination of each.