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So you want to sign up for one of our courses? Here’s how…

For union activist training which is held during the day-time working week you need to contact your SIPTU Organiser and have them nominate you to the course. This is because only they can organise your release from work and expenses if relevant.

Where we offer union activist training at night or on Saturdays and you don’t need release or expenses, you can just e-mail and tell us which course you would like to do.

If you are interested in Trade Union Studies, Apply here – or see more information here – TUS 2021-2022 new applicants welcome

It was originally planned that from September 2020 fees for Trade Union Studies would increase but we have postponed these increases in light of the difficulties both members and their unions are facing during Covid restrictions.  See the Fees section – some unions subsidise the fees for their own members.

For all other courses contact and we will sign you up to our newsletter there on request.