TUS modules from September 2020

Subject to NCI/QQI approval, the following modules will be offered by SIPTU College on the Trade Union Studies programme from September 2020. If you have already started on this programme you can still combine your credits from the old modules with the credits from the new modules, in order to be eligible for your Certificate. No learner will be disadvantaged by these changes. See which modules are equivalent to which here. You can read more about the changes in TUS from September 2020 by clicking on this link here.

Modules available from September 2020 are divided into ‘core‘ and ‘elective‘. Core modules are those which every learner must take and they are:

Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining (10 credits)

Management of Labour (10 credits)

Law and the Worker (10 credits)

Workers in the Economy (10 credits)

Return to Learn (5 credits)

Completion of these modules will gain you 45 credits. You will need a further 15 to be eligible for the Certificate. You may acquire these by any combination of the following elective modules:

Labour History (5 credits)

Diversity and Social Inequality (5 credits)

Work in Irish Society (5 credits)

Organising health and safety at work (5 credits)

Modern Labour Issues (5 credits)

Representing Workers (5 credits)